Our philosophy,
Ethical × Empowerment"

ABOUT|Ethical Empowerment Menary


The word "Ethical" means "relating to moral principales about what is right and wrong".

Ethical Consumption is about making the connections between a product,
where that product originatef and in what context it has been produced.

Menary promises that we make products that have a positive impact on the planet, people and animals.


The word "Empowerment" means "the process of taking control and having power to do what you want".

We are committed to women's independence and freedom.

We would like every woman to live feeling their own beauty, and to live powerfully and positively.

Menary's Commitments


We promise three things below to all of our products.

We will meet these three things to support "Ethical Consumption" and "Empowerment for women".

  1. Organic (Natural Factor Included & Cruelty Free & Vegan)
  2. Plastic Free
  3. Muslim Friendly
Commitment1|Ethical Empowerment Menary


With the profits made, we will extend the production across South East Asia.

Here we will create jobs for women to support their own independence.